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Malta Business Transfer Conference : Transeo pleased with the positive conclusions from the Conference but time for action is now!

Malta Business Transfer Conference : Transeo pleased with the positive conclusions from the Conference but time for action is now!

Transeo is proud to have been a trusted partner of the EU Commission and the Malta Ministry for Economy in the organization of the Malta Business Transfer Conference last Friday. The Conference has delivered positive results but Transeo insists on the need now to take action at Member State and European level to actively work on business transfer action plans! 

The Malta Business Transfer Conference was organized last Friday 17 March by the Maltese Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, with the presence of the Prime Minister of Malta, Hon Dr Joseph Muscat, and the EU Commission, in the context of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU. According to Transeo Chairman Jean-Pierre Di Bartolomeo, this conference was an excellent opportunity to gather policymakers and stakeholders organizations from all over Europe to present the new Maltese "Family Business Act", introducing incentives to encourage successful intrafamily succession, and to take stock of the remaining challenges in Europe for business transfers.

Transeo was invited as guest speaker, as well as 8 of its Members, in order to share their expertise in the field of business transfer (matching platforms, support measures, cross-border business transfers, intrafamily succession, ...). 

On that occasion, Transeo was glad to hear Mrs Commissionner Bienkowska's inspiring keynote speech to actively work at Member State and EU level to support the different kinds of business transfers (intrafamily succession, transfer to employees, transfer to third party). She underlined the recent 3 EU funded projects, including the successful EU4BT project (carried out by Transeo, and 3 of its Members). As also pointed out by DG Grow Director for COSME Mrs Kristin Schreiber during the closing speech of the conference, she added that Member States should now set up national action plans, making sure to tackle the important challenges such as:

  • Quality support & advice, both for emotional and technical aspects, 
  • The right matching between business owners transferring their business and acquirers
  • Stimulating cross-border business transfers, to make the most of the EU Single Market and StartUp ScaleUp Initiative

More than ever, Transeo's pragmatic approach based on high-level expertise, networking and exchange of good practices, will help Member States, with the support of the EU Commission, meet this great challenge.